Advocacy and Public Policy

Join us in advocating for public policies that support early education, families, and children. If you would like to join our Public Policy and Advocacy Committee, or have questions about our advocacy work, please contact the Advocacy and Public Policy Chair, Brittany Garrett Samayoa.

Follow OCAEYC and #ocaeyc on social media for more public policy and advocacy updates! Find links to our social media platforms and read legislative updates below.

Current Legislation We are Following

Please see our ongoing Legislative Grid for up to date information on current legislation.

CLICK HERE for the full California Legislative List.

Tools and Resources

Looking for your representative or other local advocacy groups? Check out our toolkit with direct links to these resources!

for the Advocacy Tool Kit.

Support OCAEYC

You can donate to OCAEYC and support our work. Donations are used to provide professional training and support to early educators which includes an annual conference, workshops, and scholarships to conferences. It also allows us to expand our ability to advocate for public policy that supports the well-being and success of children.

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